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Limited Promo Offer ends Soon!Join Today $1.95, in small letters it states...

24 HOUR TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION** "Limited Promo" Offer ends Soon! Join Today. At the very bottom in extremely SMALL letters it say cick here to cancel...

Their so called "PROMO" ends IN 24 hours and they gamble that you will not cancel and make it hard to cancel within the 24 hours period and then bill you as soon after the 24 hours that they can, and each month afterwards at 19.95 a month UNTIL YOU DISCOVER IT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS LATER!!!


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Philadelphia, Mississippi, United States #4211

We found a sourse for wholesale groceries on wholesalerscatalog very quickly.We are now selling by the pallet at flea markets.

The complainer must be blind not to see the cancel button!

Also she must not read their credit card bill as ours shows every charge on our card every month.Our one dollar and ninety five cent investment made us 800 dollars on our first sale!

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I don't see any problem with this site. Looks like the font size for the cancellation link is the same size as the rest of the text on the page.

Furthermore I am a member of this site and when I joined they also sent me an e-mail that clearly stated the subscription terms as well.

The have helped me make tons of money.

If you are pissed off then it should be at yourself for not reading what was right in front of your eyes.

Besides you could of cancelled the trial one sec after joining if you were sure you only wanted to be a member for the trial period.

Maybe try being honest and admit your mistake instead of slandering a good company.

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